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“Enter to worship -- scatter to serve” is the concentration of the Church of God at Robertsdale.


Our ability to see, imagine, and dream together culminates in this vision statement: “To elevate our community around an exalted Christ.” With our vision totally focused, we must clearly articulate our vision, passionately own our vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.


Our vision drives mission which literally and simply is doing what we are called to do. Our mission statement, “to develop our core values to increase Christ perception and relationship to all within our reach”, exemplifies our goals.


Vision and mission are bolstered by developing high standards of importance, worth, and usefulness. Our statement of value is simple: “The worth of one soul to Christ drives our pursuit of excellence in developing integrity and character in the soul.”


A process of critical and strategical planning makes up the framework of priorities for the Church of God at Robertsdale. Leadership goals have been put in place allowing the pursuit of God’s mission through differing ministries. Flexibility to reach those goals has been built into the structure of our board and teams. We are on a positive trajectory. Maintaining momentum as a result of critical decision-making is crucial as we steadily move forward to embrace our future.

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